Below you’ll find a list of our signature desserts. We have different items in
store daily, so don’t hesitate to call the shop to see what creations we
making today! For questions regarding custom orders, please fill out our
contact form or call the bakeshop & we’d be happy to help you!


Our cupcakes are baked fresh daily and topped with our Italian meringue buttercream. We use real butter and no artificial flavours.

Call the bakeshop for daily/monthly flavours. 

French Macarons

Not to be confused with its American cousin, the Macaroon.
French Macarons are made from almond flour meringue and macaroons are made with coconut!

Call the shop for daily/monthly flavours!

We have lots of fabulous items available in our bakeshop daily!

Call the shop to see what goodies we have in store for you today.


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