Our cupcakes are baked fresh daily and topped with our Italian meringue buttercream. We use real butter and no artificial flavours.

Bonus: They taste delicious.

* Allergy alert: our buttercream is made with pasteurized egg white meringue which may cause a reaction to those with sensitivity to eggs

Spring Flavours

  Monthly feature:  Mini Egg – chocolate cupcake with Mini Egg buttercream, topped with more Mini Eggs!
Goodbye GLUTEN  (GF Friendly)  Chocolate with Vanilla buttercream
Las VEGAN – Vanilla with chocolate icing
Chocolate Coconut
Boston Cream
Classic Vanilla
Froot Loop
Bubble Gum
Lemon Cheesecake
Cheery Amaretto
Red Velvet
Triple Chocolate Brownie
Cookies & Cream
Birthday Cake


$3.75 each + GST  |  $38 per dozen (No GST)   $20 for 6 (No GST)

Mini Cupcakes: $20 per dozen- Chocolate and vanilla base with assorted buttercream flavours


Edible Picture or Logo Toppers:

$57 per dozen | $25 per dozen for Mini Cupcakes

*1-3 pictures per dozen. Extra charge for multiple images or custom images

Custom Fondant Toppers:

Sculpted fondant toppers are

priced according to detail and design starting at $5 per topper

(additional to pricing of cupcake)

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