Cake + icing = fabulous.
How can you go wrong with these decadent treats?

$3.25 each + GST
$36 per dozen (No GST)
$19 for 6 (No GST)

French Mararons

Oui, oui. Delicious and light, try all of our seasonal flavours!

$1.50 each + GST
$16 per dozen (No GST)
Gift Box of 9: $16 (No GST)

Pocket Pies

Like pie that fits in the palm of your hand. Comes in homemade Blueberry or Apple made fresh from scratch in the bakeshop everyday.

$3.50 each + GST
6 for $20 (No GST)

Bucket O' Cake

Need we say more? It’s literally a 1 kg bucket…filled with cake & buttercream!
Various flavours available each week. Call to order 780-458-2922

2 buckets for $20


A timeless classic. Cinnamon sugar perfection.

Lavender Shortbread

Beautiful shortbread that is even better than you mom makes. (We won’t tell her if you don’t).

Brownie Bites

Pop it in your mouth for a sweet treat to satisfy and sweet tooth.


Another classic! These have some serious ginger snap to them.

Readymade Cakes

Available daily in the bakeshop.  Neapolitan, Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet and Birthday Cake. Serve 8-12 $45 (not customizable)

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